Family intro


Family intro


Family photo shoot

How about you give your cellphone camera a break, and have family photos that are actually beautiful and worthy of framing instead. And most importantly, that you are in them!


Have a milestone to remember?

I shoot birthdays, anniversaries and all family milestones that count. You just get the cake, candle and your wish ready. I’ll do all the rest!


Joy of everyday togetherness

Big moments are great. But how about the rest 90% of your family time? The real life?

I know, I know, there are cries and sighs, and a loooot of challenges, you would say. But I also know that everything you actually end up remembering are surrendering smiles, playful snuggles, surprise kisses and hugs.

Don’t let those precious memories get shadowed by formal events! I think they deserve to be appreciated and seen.

I’d love to capture that! All those, not so grandiose, rather small and intimate moments of your everyday sweet togetherness.



  • How does it works?

It works the way you do. I’ll be there and just follow your family’s dynamics. Some families choose to do their favorite activity like pancake making, pillow fighting, bike riding or freehand swinging. Others just stay home, snuggle and cuddle. Which one is your family?

  • Where?

Your home, garden, outdoor playground, beach or wherever you feel most comfortable.

  • Birthday of family shoot?

From my experience birthdays are beautiful but they are also full of distractions for kids, like gifts, playmates, entertainment, sweets, guests squeezing their cheeks...

So to have proper, just close family photos, I suggest it’s the best to schedule separate, more relaxed shoot.


Kind words

Kind words from happy families

Kind words

Kind words from happy families


Aleksandar & MaŠa

I was immediately drown to Dragana’s photos, because I could instantly tell there is something different in the work of this girl. In a addition to indisputable and obvious talent, her photos radiated with unbelievable warmth.

Warmth that radiate from her photos is not mere coincidence. Dragana is one such dear and warm person herself. Someone how instantly fills you up with positive energy, someone how truly loves people and with whom working is a pure pleasure. In a perfectly relaxed atmosphere we made beautiful photos that will last for a life time. She captured precious moments I’m so thankful for, and I’m already planing to repeat this experience once my little boy grows up a bit.

Hiro & Emiko & Andrew

My partner and I were skeptical about having professional family photos done because we often find that they look staged and a bit cheesy. Draganas ability to anticipate a 'photo worthy' moment and capture it with ease was extremely impressive. She even managed to transform the chaos of our active six month old son Hiro into some truly beautiful pictures.



Stefan & Erin 

As a photographer at my son's baptism, Dragana was an amazing presence. She was unobtrusive but present which allowed her to capture people's natural expression and interactions in a series of stunning candid shots. I really appreciated her professionalism, warmth and artistry. I'm grateful to be able to relive such a special event through the photos.




Prices and packages


Prices and packages


Family photography prices

Start at $350 + HST for 1 hour coverage.

  • All packages include high resolution, watermark free images

  • Personal online gallery

  • Prints and albums and ad ons available

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