Photography solutions for busy bees


Makers Making

 Are you a passionate business owner in a constant need of content photos that will tell the heart and soul of what you’re creating?


Welcome to the right place!

I’m Dragana, professional photographer helping people like you have their life back. Not kidding. Say goodbye to multitasking and inconsistent business account photo feed.

I specialize in hospitality and wellness and my job is creating content photos that you can use for your social media and website brand promotion.

I’ll come, not once, but the beginning of every season, every 3 months in one year to take the photos of your store, brand, products, space, atmosphere and make sure you have fresh, up to date photos ready to proudly share with the world at all times.

I’ll come do my job so that you can do your job!


Is this for me?

It’s for business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives of all kinds who believe in themselves and see themselves succeed no matter what.

So if you own a restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, wellness/yoga studio, beauty salon, boutique hotel… If you are an artist, writer, dancer, coach, instructor, consultant, teacher…

...then, yes, this is for you!


What can I expect?

First we’ll have a planning session to discuss ideas and options. If you are not sure about the type of content you can be creating, this is a moment to brainstorm. I will suggest few ideas depending on type of business you have ie. do you have physical store with products or you sell services.

On the day of the photo shoot you can have 3-5 change of setups, depending on time required to create and switch between each.

Process of making, spaces, portraits. We’ll cover it all and so much more. I’m big on details and finishing touches as I think they add flavour to everything, create coziness and really bring you into the atmosphere of the place, so expect lots of those too.


“Photos Dragana created for the new website for my hotel were so warm and depicted hotel’s unique concept, location and its story so well that we have used her skills many times after for updating our photo gallery as well as for instagram and other social media purposes. I can not praise her talent enough as our hotel is not easy to photograph because of many details and different angles.” - Anna,


In the Makers Making Package you’ll receive:

  • One hour planning session

  • 4 hours of consecutive photo coverage

  • All the good photos (100-200)

  • Online gallery

$1995 + HST

Additional hour $400 + HST


Are you ready to have your business transformed?



Tiny business

Your business might be small, but your ideas are big. You are driven and so proud of what you do and need just a gentle wind in your wings.

I myself am small business owner too and can so easily relate. That’s why I’ll do my best to make your products and services look as best as possible.

Let’s start small and grow as you go!

In Tiny Business package You’ll receive:

  • Call consultation

  • 1 hour photo shoot

  • All good, high resolution photos

  • Online gallery

$600 + HST



Phone photography - DIY!

This is for those special occasions then I’m not around and you still need just couple of good photos. I’ll teach you or one of your employees to use amazing camera available at all times - your phone camera - to create thumbs up and many hearts worthy photo.



  • 1 hour, one on one shooting time

  • You’ll learn how to use the space, background and light you have at your disposal

  • How to compose and arrange elements.

  • How to utilize all camera functions

$200 + HST



  • 1 hour, one on one editing time

  • Turn average photos into great ones.

  • I’ll show how to color correct and adjust

  • I’ll show you all the apps for photo editing and resizing

  • Apps for captions, quotes, clean modern colleagues for your posts or insta stories. All this in your phone, you’ll never have to use your computer again.

$200 + HST


Bundle it up

$350 + HST



Event Photography

Whether you celebrate a big success, have a product promotion, podcast launch or just a milestone, I’ll come and capture all the smiles, handshakes and champagnes popping!

You’ll receive:

  • photo shooting and editing

  • all good photos (not just selects) in high resolution with licence for usage

  • online gallery

    $350/hour + HST



Professional Headshots


I’m not surprise that your business is now skyrocketing and that you need fresh photos for the profile bios and all those interviews! ;)

You’ll receive:

  • photo shooting and editing

  • all good photos (not just selects) in high resolution with licence for usage

  • online gallery

$350/30min + HST



Custom Packages


Whether you need more hours, even days, want to bundle packages or have more ideas about how we can work better together, let’s get in touch and talk more details.