As a wedding photographer who likes to travel, shooting a destination wedding is one birthday wish come true.

So yes, I’ve shot the wedding in Monaco and it was everything you imagine when you think of a wedding in Monaco. And so much more. Two days of beauty and splendour.

Post you are looking right now is part two, main day of Amanda and Nick’s wedding including church and dinner party. And in case you’ve missed to see their intimate civil ceremony check out this post here.

One thing that inspired me the most?

The love Nick and Amanda have not just for each other but also for their family and friends. They all flew across the world to be together and closeness they share is palpable and just heart melting.

What were some of my ideas and my thought process like?

In addition to what I always do which is shooting people and their reactions, beautiful details etc., I wanted to put the emphasis on the venue more. Monaco Yacht Club has unique position that helped the atmosphere of the day be so special. Looking at the photos I want A&N and their guests to really transport themselves here, to be able to feel the afternoon sun, open air and enjoy the view surrounding them.

Favourite frame and why?

Petals being vacuumed in front of the church. The delicacy, the comedy, the beauty, the briefness of life. They all speak to me in this one frame.

One thing I’ll remember from this day?

Weddings are also experiences for myself. Although I’ve shot so many, there’s always something new and unique I can enjoy. This time it was driving at the back seat of Nick and Amanda’s tiny porsche cabrio through steep city serpentines on our way to botanical gardens. Nick grew up in Monaco and knows every corner of it. Maybe even too well :D It was fast, curvy ride, closest to Formula 1 I’ll ever get!


Amanda and Nick found me through Ljubica (last photo both photo of two of us) my university friend that lives in London, UK now and is very good friend of Amanda’s. Grateful to all the friends, past clients and likeminded people that Universe did and still does brings us together daily!

Thank you!

Thank you Amanda and Nick for putting trust in me and flying me all the way from Canada to shoot your wedding day. It was such an honour and pleasure documenting it!

Hug someone

Before you continue, hug someone! If you are alone then give yourself one big, warm, tight hug! I know. No one will see it, whether you do it or not. But we will all feel it.

Ljubica is the owner of Tinyppl, adorable high-quality children homeware. Her name and unique design is behind every personalized print and organic textile. Tiny People are based in London, UK, but ship around the world so they sure got you and your tiny ones covered. Just sayin’.

How Amanda and Nick felt working with me

Dragana agreed to fly across the world to photograph our civil and religious ceremonies and I am so glad she did. The experience began even before the wedding where she was available for numerous calls to put us at ease. She was flexible, professional and knowledgeable and having just received all the images back we could not be happier. All the memories have come flooding back and she has not only managed to capture amazing and natural portraits of each of our guests, but she has just the right amount of focus on all the smaller details that set the scene on the day. We couldn't be happier with the result, and found her to be very accommodating, helpful and a total pleasure to work with. My husband and I highly recommend her.

Thank you for taking the time to see the whole post!

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