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Hi there! I’m Dragana, a professional photographer and eternal optimist, with passion for seeing beauty in everything and making it visible.

I’m specialized in doing business with soul and purpose and I’m here to take photos of your most special moments and things you value the most, with gratest care and dedication.



Being a freelance fine art photographer with MA photography degree and more than 15 years of shooting experience in fields of architecture, event, corporate and lifestyle, I’ve done really a lot. But I consider myself soooo lucky to have been mainly shooting weddings and happy families gatherings for the past 8 years.

I admit, it can be intense, but it’s also highly satisfying and rewarding. And it’s not just because cake is usually around ;) But because honestly, nothing feels as good as shooting true, beautiful emotions and being surrounded with love all the time.

With experience of shooting more than 150 weddings, I still can say I haven't seen it all. As a matter of fact, I say bring it on!


How I see things

There are so many photographers out there and we all use almost the same cameras to shoot. Yet our images are so very different.

The reason behind it is that we as a persons are so very different. By making images we take our stand, show our point of view and actually tell our own stories.

In a way it doesn't matter the subject. What we want to see, we’ll find it everywhere.

And my story is all about the amazingness of this life. Of it’s beauty, joy and light.

I’m eternal optimist. But my enthusiasm is not simple naive. I know that bad things can and are happening. I simply prefer to focus on the good things, or on finding the way to make them happen.

So, naturally I tend to find those subjects everywhere. That’s why my images are funny, quirky, alive. Or as my clients usually say, “honest and beautiful”.


Mindful photography

Whether I shoot weddings or families or corporate I try not be lost in the thoughts about how my frame might look like. But rather be fully immersed and mindful of what’s happening in front of me and appreciating it for what it really is.

This makes my approach to photography a documentary, almost candid kind. I’m there, but most of the time you don’t notice me. This leaves a room for me to just be present and observe, and it also allows you to relax, be your most natural and thus most beautiful self.

I'd be doing as little as possible and making minor interventions, removing myself as a director from the equation, and bringing your best to the surface.


I believe / know

We are love and of love.

A little kindness with a hard work goes a long way.

Everything happens for a good reason.

We are part of something larger that connects us all.

Beauty is everywhere. And combined with love it can melt, it can release, it can soften. It can heal.



I recently moved to Toronto, Canada, but I love to travel both for my personal pleasure as well as business wise. So much so, that my services come with special discounted prices for shooting in a certain destinations.

So feel free to contact me and ask about more details and countries I wish to visit.