The art of slow living


#1 Boutique Hotel

I desire to create promo photos for boutique hotels, ideally next to some water, see, lake or river. But location is not as important because I want show more than obvious. Next to required pics of exterior, interior, rooms, amenities, etc., I want to tell a story of that place and its surroundings by showcasing lots os different details, finishing touches, cute corners, people savouring it… Those details that add flavour, create coziness and really bring you into the atmosphere of the place.

I love creating these photos because I myself so appreciate and enjoy the comfort and beauty of well designed spaces like my own home, or art I collect and admire. Being surrounded by exquisite craftsmanship details, great service and enjoyable experiences is my everyday life, my natural environment.

That’s why I’m so good at noticing what potentials guests, people like me, who think life is amazing, would appreciate in a place like this. And that’s why it’s so easy for me create great, engaging shoots.

I love enjoying my work so much that often times the fine line between work and life is not visible at all.



#2 Dreamy Photoshoot

I desire to create photos of girls just having fun and living their best lives. Imagine them being fairies, goddesses, angels, unicorns. For one day they can be whatever they want to be. They can play dress up, make up, doll up. They can dance and jump or they can be slow and meditative. Flowers, fishnets, lace, dreamy gowns, candles, cakes, balloons and pillows. Inside of simple white interior, or outside next to blossoming trees. There is only one rule and it is to be playful and carefree. And this is all happening once per month!

I desire to create this to practise my future now. To allow myself to be, do and have everything I want, now. Because I know I am limitless, precious being who deserves all the good I desire.

I also want to do this just because it’s fun. Because I’m the party starter and I so enjoy connecting with people and expressing myself effortlessly. I love having fun all the time, no matter what I do. I have this constant feeling of Magic where everything is happening For me. Like I’m always in the right place at the right time. Like every person I meet holds the knowledge, skills or the information I need to move forward in the direction of my dreams. So by my math, more fun = more magic! So excited for this one!



#3 Wellness in exotic destiantios

I desire to create photos of spas, wellness treatments, yoga classes, products, services and workshops in tropical destinations. All from spaces, yoga poses, to products, portraits and community. I want to show that bliss of well being. Peace after meditation and deep presence followed by shivasana, in a setup so different than our urban environment.

I desire to do this because self love and self care is such an important part of my own life too. I so admire how kind, courageous, powerful, confident and relaxed in my own worth I am. I look good and feel even better. I just fucking love myself!

I love to pamper, indulge, treat myself well. To dance with me, by flowers to me, read poetry to me, hug me, be kind to me. See me for who I truly am. I start each day with the morning routine of acknowledging who I am, where I am and where I want to go. Each day I’m mindful of the life I’m creating by getting better at giving my attention only to the thoughts that feel good.

I’m now firing rockets of desire that are full, ripe and so satisfying. Like just yesterday I desired to swim naked, alone with fishes in the warm sea. And tomorrow I’m doing it. I can already feel the calmness in the air, water caressing my skin, my hair, my pussy. I am truly one with Spirit and it feels heavenly!



#4 Delicious food

I desire to take photos of tasty food and all its processes. From preparing, making, serving to eating it. The photos of the food and ambient like homes or restaurants, but also the photos of people making and people enjoying it. I want to take a portrait of a dish that is much more than food in a plate. I want it to have soul and meaning. I want you to lick the screen ;) and smell it in the air when you look at these photos.

Home cooked food is a part of meaningful, slow living life I’m leading. Savouring each moment and enjoying every single delicious bite of a healthy food we eat is ritual in my family!



#5 Small businesses

I desire to create photos of small businesses and portraits their owners. If it’s something pretty, then great! but the only thing I care about is that there’s so much passion in it. That people are driven and so proud of what they do.

As I’m so passionate about work I do myself, I can so easily relate and will go over and beyond to make their products and services look as best as possible.

I love bring me to the table and Universe matching me with others like me. I love co-creating, inspiration, ideas popping in my mind. I belong here!



I live in light and go in life knowing that all my wants or something better is now manifesting in harmonious ways for the highest good of all concerned.


This is how it feels

I created this segment as a mood board, visual inspiration made of collages from lots of different photoshoots that are similar to the photos I want to create more.




Fav magazine covers

When I was talking about photoshoots I had so much fun doing, plus being payed for, this is what I meant. It was for regional Sensa magazine that is focused on wellness, healthy living, spirituality etc. Each issue had “theme” that was rough guideline for our photo sessions. In reality it was 100% on spot improvisation always showing playfulness, dreaminess, inner peace and beauty. Namaste!