My first Toronto wedding. My first yacht and cruise wedding. My first non-Serbs-in-any-way related wedding (they’ve found me on the internet! o_o).

Just a perfect mid June, sunny but with enough breeze day, topped with the unique Toronto skyline view. Everything, from the beginning to an end was a smooth sail. Can’t complain, would do it again any time.

Because of the setup, yes. But also because Aleesha and Brandon were one of the cutest and my youngest couples ever. So young, fresh from the college where they met, they bring easiness to everything they do.

To be honest, as I’m getting older I actually don't envy young age as much. I see great value in the experience and the insight that comes with the years. But looking at Aleesha and Brandon, I do wish we could all worry a bit less, and invite more of that playfulness and fresh attitude towards life. Not knowing what’s gonna happen tomorrow, but just embracing it and trusting that it’ll all be okay. Because it will. Because it is. A&B thank you for this! <3


About the image layout

I’m thinking lately how the typical wedding blog posts, with all of the photos telling the story of the day are a bit boring. At least to me. I feel like It’s just too much. I realized that’s not the way I browse and use internet and social media. I like the information to be sweet, short and with the point.

Also the beauty of the individual photo gets lost a bit. Seems like everything is important. And when done looking I actually can’t remember any photo in particular. All the while we want to slow down, to focus on quality rather than quantity, have a fever but more meaningful moments and experiences. You with me?

So I’m adding my share of playfulness for the day and doing a little experiment here. These are not all the best photos and collages, but my personal favourite ones, laid out to be enjoyed individually. That’s why I gave them space to breath and to be seen properly.

To see the photos, take your own time and just click through, or use left and right arrows on your keyboard.

I’m really curious how you felt using this gallery. Was it frustrating not to see everything all at once, or it was enjoyable, meaningful experience? Should I keep this format or go back to the old way?

Fun fact. I’ve just now noticed that majority of my fav photos are apparently black and white. I guess there’s something about eliminating color that helps narrow the focus to the subject of the frozen moment. Do you have your own personal preference, are you the color or b&w type?

And here's how Aleesha and Brandon felt working with me:

Dragana was an absolutely amazing photographer! She was flexible, professional, super kind, and really easy to work with! The photos she took for our wedding were absolutely stunning! She does exactly as she says and slips into the background in order to perfectly capture beautiful candid moments! She is SO talented, and she is super nice and easy to get along with. She made us feel really comfortable while taking pictures. She just told us to be ourselves and that was when she got the nicest ones! I would 100% recommend her to my friends and family! I have zero complaints about Dragana, she exceeded all of our expectations! Hire her, you won't regret it!

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