I know about the trend of a newborn photography where babies are cocooned and photoshopped and all that. And that is just fine. But this is a different kind of newborn photography. A bit more raw and real.

Why I love shooting newborns?

Because they always change the chemistry of a room. Their innocence momentarily ask that you drop all your guards and leave the outside world behind. They simply are, simply exist and the power of it is so contagious. You can’t be around them and be charged with negative energy. It’s like having an emotional reset. So every time after a newborn session I feel I’m a little lighter, taller, better person. I just am.

Favourite frame and why?

It’s Ivana caressing Luka’s tummy with her nose. I am not her but I can totally feel softness of that sweet tickle.

Thank you

Luka, Ivana and Marko for having me over at your cozy home. And thank you Luka in particular for not peeing on me when you had that chance! :D

Hug someone

Before you continue, hug someone! If you are alone then give yourself one big, warm, tight hug! I know. No one will see it, whether you do it or not. But we will all feel it.