Hello indeed, and what a bright, new, fresh start this is for me! I’m Dragana Paramentić, wedding photographer. Before I moved to Toronto, Canada, where I am based now, I used to live in Belgrade, Serbia. Working as a wedding, family and lifestyle photographer there, was my previous portfolio and blog website. "Nasmej se, pticica!" literally translated as “Smile, it’s a bird!” which is a synonym for “Say cheese!” made me known as Bird or Birdie well beyond my friends circle. That nickname is still active, so just tweet and I you’ll have my attention ;)

But switching countries, and reaching more people, means change in approach to business for me. Hence, this new english version website, where I’m planing to post photos and to write about my work as well as things, people and spaces that inspire me.

So yes, I am beginner again. I am so excited and I love it! If you feel visual inspiration makes you daydream and travel beyond and above, then please do sign up for newsletters in the subscribe form in the bottom of this website, and join me on this journey of growth and discovery.

Thank you so much, and hope to see you soon!